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Gabi's visit in Munich in Summer 2000

I was too glad that Gabi made it to Munich after not having seen each other for more than 3 years. The first complete day we spent together in 1997 was a visit to the castle of Versailles. Since I knew, that she was very interested in castles, I took her to the very South of Germany and we made an extremely tough tour: Munich - Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Ettal Cloister - Village of Oberammergau - Linderhof Castle - Plansee (Austria) - Neuschwanstein Castle - Hohenschwangau Castle - Munich.

Linderhof Castle
Linderhof Castle is only about one hour and a half away from Munich, and it is only one hour away from Neuschwanstein castle. Although it is not located as perfectly and romantically as Neuschwanstein castle, it is more beautiful inside. That's why I took Gabi there. Another point is, that you don't have to wait so long to get into it. Neuschwanstein castle usually has a waiting line of more than 2 hours.

Moroccanian house
The Moroccanian house is on the area of Linderhof Castle. Since we had to wait for one hour until it was our turn to enter the castle, we took the chance to look at the Moroccanian house.

Inside the Moroccanian house
This view inside the Moroccanian house shows, how beautiful and nicely decorated it is inside. Unfortunately one cannot enter the house.

Linderhof Castle
There are two very beautiful ways leading up to a kiosk, which belongs the the Castle, and from which you have a fantastic look to Linderhof Castle. The two passages are seamed with plants thus giving shadow, which is very comfortable in summer, when walking up to the point of view.

Inside Linderhof Castle
This is a picture of one of the beautiful rooms inside Linderhof castle, just to underline my thesis, that there are more beautiful castles than Neuschwanstein castle (speaking from the Interieur).

Inside Linderhof Castle
The vase with the flowers beneath the chandelier is one of most expensive treasures, Linderhof Castle has. It is completely made of china (porcelain). The particular leaves are so thin and fragile, that the responsibles put the whole bouquet inside a plastic box.

Hohenschwangau Castle
Hohenschwangau is located directly face to face to Neuschwanstein. Of course, Neuschwanstein castle looks more interesting and romantically, however, who knows, that Hohenschwangau's Interieur is much more beautiful than Neuschwanstein's?

After the tour
That's how Gabi looked like after driving a whole day through; we drove more than 500 km on that day.

Much later...
It took us a while until she looked like this again...