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Friends from all over the world

Toshi and Shizuka (2000)
In 1993 Toshi and I studied English together in a language school in London. We met again at Christmas time of 1993 in New York City, and I visited him in Osaka in summer 1994. In the year 2000 he married Shizuka, and they visited me in September 2000. Toshi - the only guy I met in three different continents.

Surjani and Budi (1995)
We got to know each other in Blacksburg, Virginia in 1995, and we are still in touch with each other. I will never forget how they taught me to cook Indonesian meat balls. Born in Indonesia, they now live in Canada.

Gabi ParisGabi (1997)
Gabi and I lived together with a French familiy in Paris, when we both studied French in 1997. After Paris Gabi went back to Wisconsin (northern USA), and at the moment she works in Asserbaidschan (south of Russia). Gabi visited me in Munich in Summer 2000.

Tim and Susanna (2000)
I have never met either Tim or Susanna. I got to know Susanna through the internet, and in the meanwhile I know her very well, since we have written a couple of dozens of e-mails. Susanna, originally born in Germany, lives in Virginia at the moment. I wonder, when and where we will meet the first time...

Yukiko's familiy (1994)
When I was in Japan in 1994, I stayed with Yukiko's familiy for 4 weeks. Since 1994 we are still in touch by e-mail, letters, and post-cards. Yukiko came to Munich in 1998. Her husband's name is Minoru, and their son is called Yuukun. I am looking forward, to see all of them again. By the way, the 4th guy on the picture is me when I was 24.

Tomomi (1993)
I don't remember at which occasion I got to know Tomomi. However, I remember, it was in 1993 in London. I visited her in 1994 in Himeji. Himeji is a beautiful city near Kobe. We are still in touch; she promises permanently to come to Germany one day. I wonder how she looks today, since the picture is from 1994.

PeterPeter (1994)
Peter and I went to school together in Tokyo. We both studied Japanese. My studies finished in the meanwhile, Peter continued to learn Japanese in Japan for almost 2 years. I visited Peter in 1997 in Bern (Switzerland), where he was born. In the meanwhile Peter moved to Zurich like almost all Swiss with a good qualification. Uli and I visited Peter in Zurich in July 2001.

RieRie (1993)
Rie was the first Japanese I got to know in my live. We met in London in 1993 and I visited her in Kobe (the city which was destroyed by a tremendous earthquake) in 1994. Since that we are still in touch. I am waiting for her trip to Germany.
Rie, please send me an actual picture from you, since the ones I have are all from 1993 and 1994.

IrisIris (1998)
Iris was my classmate, when I studied French in 1998 in Nizza. We had so much fun in the classroom, and especially after class. We often went out together with Tarun from New York City. One night, we shared 9 bottles of good French wine by 4 people. The picture was taken after the 8th bottle.
Iris, if you see this page by accident, please, contact us.

RiekoRieko (1993)
Rieko lived in the same building as I when we both studied English in London 1993; so we usually went to school together, although we were not in the same class. We met again in Kobe (Japan) in 1994.

Thomas (1997)
Thomas from Bern (Swizzerland) was my class-mate, when I studied French 1997 in Paris. He was good at drinking beer; that's why we went out together quite often. It took me a long time to make him understand that I understand Swiss German. I met him again in Winter 1997/1998 in Munich.

Kaori (1997)
When I studied French in Paris in 1997, I often went out together with my class-mate Kaori. Although we could only communicate in French our communication became better and better the more wine we drank. Kaori visited me in Munich in Summer 1998.

AkikoAkiko (1993)
Akiko and I studied English together in 1993. After school we often went on sightseeing through the different places of London. We met again in 1994 in Tokyo, and in August 1997 Akiko came to Munich for three week.